Smart Solutions Seeds

The most advanced technologies and high competences come together to design Innovative solutions. We provide Services and skills for Innovative Digital Project management and implementation. We 100% support data-driven strategic management.


Smart Solutions Seeds

AdhDOC® –  the solution for simple access to the Health, Social and Welfare Services of the Territory

CUTE-BOX®the smart solution for a better social inclusion of elderly citizens at home.

Data Science Services

Data Management

From simple to complex data architecture. Data Gathering, Warehousing, Delivery

Data Interoperability & Data Harmonization

HL7, FHIR based Data & system Integration, OMOP-CDM based Data Harmonization Services

Data Modeling

Data Model Prototyping, Clustering, Predictive Modeling, Advanced Analytics, Process and Performance Analysis

Welfare and HealthCare Data Driven Innovation

Population health management, Territorial Point of Care Networking and Data Integration to build up resilient and adaptative Ecosystems.

Digital Transformation Strategic Governance

Supporting Healthcare and welfare providers and stakeholders along the digital transition phase towards a data interconnected and data driven Ecosystem sustainability and high social positive impact

Digital & Data Science Competence Center & Training

Supporting our partners’ Organizations  in the data and digital cultural Growth

We process complex data.

We offer innovative cloud-based Solutions as well as Data Science Services to build data driven – highly performant and adaptative Healthcare and Welfare Systems.

Data Based Tools and Competence

While developing and delivering advanced data based tools, we keep a fundamental focus competence area on robust data management, quality and harmonization. International Standard data models and Interoperability are foreseen as a mayor asset in order to guarantee a large scale and long term value of our services and products.

Data Science Tools & Competence

Data Engineering

  • Database Design with SQL (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle), NoSQL (MongoDB) and Graph-based (OrientDb) technologies
  • ETL Procedures (SAS Data Integration, Pentaho Data Integration, Python, Knime, Mirth)
  • Data Standardization and Interoperability (OMOP-CDM Data Model with related OHDSI community tools, FHIR implementation tools

Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard and KPI development (SAS® Visual Analytics, Microsoft PowerBI, Pentaho BI Server, AIDa®)

Data Mining & Statistics

  • Descriptive and inferential statistics (R, Python)
  • Predictive analysis with both Supervised and Unsupervised techniques (R, Python)
  • Process Mining (ProM, PM4Py, Apromore)

About Us

CUTE Srl has been founded in 2021 to host and grow INNOVATIVE Ideas and Projects. The founders are 20+ years long experienced Engineers and Professionals in Health Care’s, Pharma-Industry, and Welfare’s Digital Transformation, Data Driven Governance and Data Science applications.

An additional group of younger professionals as well as Research Center’s and Market Opinion Leaders are progressively contributing to CUTE’s starting up.


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