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The Smart Solution for simple access to Health, Social-Health and Assistance Services from the Territory

Through AdhDOC, citizens can identify and book services made available by professionals and local providers. The target Services include: Primary Care (such as general medical visits, drug and specialist prescriptions, medical certifications), services at the “Service Pharmacies”, social, welfare and support services for the person and his cargivers (also from subjects of the third sector). Support for “tourists”.


The Smart Solution for a better social inclusion of senior citizens at home.

Cloud solution that allows providers and protection entities (from day centres, to home care services, from the insurance entity to the network of Municipalities and the third sector) to reach citizens directly at home, through both standard digital interfaces (PC, tablet , etc.) and through simplified interaction with TV-monitors. The solution is primarily aimed at supporting problems of isolation and social inequalities, allowing large groups of citizens to be “involved” in activities and communications – governed by professionals and authorized subjects – while remaining at home.

Open Source Technology

We have expertise on opensource technologies for data integration, data management, enterprise application integration, machine learning and big data software and services. We have also experience in opendata sources gained via International Datathons and R&D projects with young researchers, University s well Clinical Opinion Leaders.

ICT HealthCare

A consolidate experience in ICT and Informative Healthcare, Clinical as well as Welfare focused processes by its professionals is jointly acted with cutting edge tools, like Machine Learning, Process Mining, on Big Data source as well on Focused Data Sources, such as Clinical Registers, EHR, inpatients and outpatients data repositories.


With our ETL and Data Integration tools, we can connect to a wide range of data sources, from Open Data APIs to all kind of database technologies.


Our knowledge of data mining and statistic techniques combined with our on-field experience is the key to find the solution to each possible question coming from the data owner.


A Project Management approach permits us to explore all development phases that are needed to reach the prefixed goals and plan all the activities with affordable costs and timing


We can rely on experience and knowledge of several development approaches and technologies, in order to provide the best possible solution to the problem or question that needs to be solved.

System Input Automate

Automatic scheduling of the execution and update of the provided solutions can be implemented, in order to avoid repetitive and manual tasks that can increase the chances of human errors


A clear and user-friendly presentation of the results is one of the keys for the success of a project, leading us to develop our Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics solutions.

Cloud Oriented Solutions & Integration

AWS Infrastructure & Services

Standard Communication Protocols (REST-API, HL7, FHIR)

Cloud Computing: Apache Spark Technologies

Back-end: Java & Object-Oriented Programming, PHP, SpringBoot microservices framework

Front-end: Javascript, CSS, HTML, React

Frequently supported Services

  • Data Repository and Data Management Architectures’ Assessment
  • Data interconnection tools installation
  • Data Source Inspection, Mapping
  • Data Gathering and Extraction from Data Sources, Integration. Ad-Hoc ETL Development
  • Data modelling, Data model Application and Development
  • Training and Data Management Support
  • Maintenance

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